Brand Reputation Management

How your brand is presented in the media is handled with the utmost integrity and in consultation with you.

This applies to all occasions where your brand is being represented – in social media, press releases, blogs, and any regular marketing activity that I do on your behalf.

My experience also includes brand crisis management – the most notable example being for a multinational organisation with a contaminated product that was widely reported and headlined the news. My role included coaching senior staff on how to present, anticipate and respond to journalist’s interview questions on national news with credibility and real solutions.  Other local examples include environmental issues reported in social media for a client.

Through my years of working as an Executive TV Producer and investigative journalist I am able to sensitively manage challenging situations with credibility, calm, authenticity, and constructive outcomes.  I have also worked on large projects with diverse stakeholders and understand differing brand identity needs.  And now, with the prominence of social media and its potential pitfalls amongst its successes, I advise and steer on how to respond to customer comments and online trolling, case by case.