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Empowering SME and startup Businesses, and the Crucial Need to Own Your Own Domain, Email, and Hosting Accounts

by | Jan 7, 2024

In today’s digital world, owning and controlling your domain and hosting accounts is paramount for businesses, especially startups and SMEs. Let’s dive into why this is crucial and how taking charge early can save you from potential headaches down the road.

Start up and SME businesses aren’t always informed about how important it is for them to own their own domain name and web and email hosting accounts. The old model was to subscribe to these via an agency. However, too many times to mention, when dealing with new clients – and as part of the initial stage – it is a challenge either to locate their domain and hosting details; or to access them adequately.

Why It Matters

  • Ownership Equals Control

Having ownership of your domain and hosting means you have full control over your online presence. You can make changes swiftly without relying on a third party to establish access to what should be immediately accessible to you, as the business owner.

  • Avoiding Legacy Hassles

Many businesses, even those with substantial turnovers, operate with legacy situations where external/third party agencies control these vital accounts. This can lead to unnecessary complications during transitions.

Common Issues

  • Legacy Agency Control

Some businesses, unknowingly or due to convenience, let agencies handle domain and hosting. When parting ways, retrieving access can be a significant hurdle.

  • Reluctance to Hand Over

Legacy agencies, for various reasons, may be reluctant to hand over access smoothly. This can lead to delays and potential issues for the transitioning business.

Benefits of Ownership

  • Smooth Transitions

When you control your accounts, changing agencies or personnel becomes seamless. You have the keys to your digital kingdom.

  • Avoiding Unexpected Changes

Situations like key personnel moving away won’t disrupt your online presence if you have ownership. You’re in control of your business continuity by always retaining full access, and ownership of your own hosting and domain accounts.

Previously, some clients have had delays of up to five months to try and track down their login details – from a former employee who had left the country and had lost all paperwork. Also, when a business owner makes a decision to change digital agencies, for whatever reason, and there can be a reluctance to pass on proper access.

Indeed, in a more extreme situation, the ex-digital agency actually took down the entire website of their client. Fortunately for this client, they had already made a move to KRD Agency and we were able to guide them through the whole process, and have their brand new website up and running within a matter of two weeks.

Guiding Businesses

  • Educating Startups

Startups, eager to delegate, often fall into the trap of letting agencies handle everything. Ideally, instead, they should be guided by their digital agency to register their own hosting and domain accounts. This sets up a business to always have permanent control of their own domain, emails, and hosting.

  • Transparent Processes

Agencies can simplify the process for clients, making it clear that ownership is in the client’s best interest. This transparency builds trust.

Checklist for Businesses

  • Domain Registration: Ensure your business name is registered under your own account, managed and controlled by you.
  • Hosting Account: Set up a hosting account with a reliable provider, and keep the login details secure.
  • Renewal Responsibilities: Register your accounts using your most-used business email for renewal notifications. This ensures you never miss a renewal. Too often, new business owners sign up for accounts using old personal accounts, or accounts they can easily forget their own access and login details to. Ensure that you consistently use your main email address to avoid any additional reason to become blocked from your own account.
  • Access Management: Safely store login details and ensure more than one trusted person has access, should the need arise.
  • Update passwords: ensure that you always change your passwords BEFORE you inform an agency that you will no longer be requiring their services. Fortunately, the majority of agencies and freelancers work professionally and responsibly, and will hand over the right details necessary for a smooth transition. But in the rare case of those who impair a smooth handover, it is highly advisable to first reset your passwords to your highly important domain, hosting, website and email access.

Empower your business by taking charge of your digital assets. By owning your domain, email, website, and hosting accounts, you not only ensure smoother transitions but also guarantee control over your online identity. It’s a strategic move that pays off in the long run, offering peace of mind and uninterrupted business operations.

Remember, your digital presence is your business’s heartbeat. Own it, control it, and thrive in the online landscape.

“After years of struggling with our previous website, with PHP error notices becoming the norm, we thought it was time to update the site.  After approaching our previous website development company, and virtually being held to ransom over forcing us to have the update done at an exorbitant price, we decided to look elsewhere.
A business colleague recommended giving Karin a call at KRD Agency to discuss alternative arrangements, and it was the best call we could have made.
From the first chat with Karin there was no pressure, just sound advice and a patient ear as we really didn’t know what we wanted or needed.
Our new website is now up and running with a fresh modern feel to it, and we couldn’t be happier.
If you are thinking of updating, or starting out on the website journey, we would certainly recommend giving KRD Agency a call.”

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