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Copy & Scriptwriting

Writing is one of my great passions.

I love combining and crafting words – whether it is for a television or video script, a printed brochure, blog article, website content, press release, or anything that requires the written word.  Creative writing is also one of my treasured pastimes – and, as a former full-time journalist, I have that proverbial unfinished book in the bottom drawer!

Commercially, accurate interpretation of a brief is essential.  And easy-to-read, accessible, and engaging content is key.

When it calls for it, I write with depth and substance, and combine this with thorough background research, to produce credible and balanced articles on a range of topics.


  • Write website content
  • Research and write premium articles for websites and blogs to showcase thought leadership for clients
  • Write press releases
  • Copy and images for brochures and print material
  • Scriptwriter for video, television, corporate training, documentary

If you have any additional writing needs, you are welcome to let me know what these are, and I’m sure I can help you.

During my time as a broadcast Television Producer, I won Environmental Journalist of the Year Award in Electronic Media and the Conserva Merit Award.

An overview of experience also includes:

  • Contributing journalist and photographer to a lifestyle magazine for six years
  • 18 years researching and writing television, documentary scripts on a weekly basis for national television
  • Writing corporate and training video scripts
  • Writing press releases
  • Lead researcher and writer of proposal documents